Editorial by Tino Festo | Photography by Photosauce


The Moscelle team had the opportunity to meet with the artist Deeps. The singer/songwriter invited the team to his studio, and we discussed a range of topics, from his music, the creative journey and his visions and inspirations. Sitting in the studio Deeps shared his profound appreciation of the wider creative sphere and the elements which shape his sound today, his experiences, fashion and his upbringing.

His single Parachute is a powerful and soulful exploration of the complexities of love, the singer guides us through a range of emotions as his vocals that effortlessly float above the guitar riffs. His latest single Saturday Night is more about upbeat further exploring themes of love, the single is due to be released on Thursday.

What’s the inspiration behind my music ? 

Music ever since I discovered it has been my escape whether it be listening or creating. The way it can move people and connect them to a specific feeling or memory. The thought that something I’ve written helped somebody put into words how they feel is powerful and inspiring in itself. For me it helps me get through times both good and bad. When you encapsulate a moment in life through a song, you can relive it at any place or any time and feel the feelings you did when you wrote it. Sometimes music can be a shoulder and you can help somebody with their experiences by just telling your truth. 

What made you choose the name deeps? 

It’s was actually pretty simple, my birth name is Sandeep and from a young age It’s always been abbreviated to Deeps or something of a similar nature. Deeps being the most common so that’s what I stuck with socially. When I was about to release music for the first time I was thinking of alternative names. One day I randomly envisioned ‘Deeps’ on a lit up sign outside of a show and that was enough for me to decide that it would be my artist name. It’s me, I’m Deeps & I couldn’t be anybody else if I tried. 

How would you describe your style? 

From the moment I was able to buy clothes for myself I’ve always loved items the stood out. I’ve acquired a few questionable things over my youth but one thing I have never done is follow a trend. For me your style is part of your personality and it’s the first thing people often see when making a judgement about who you are. My style involves colour and no two days are ever the same. My go to look for everyday wear or studio sessions is a statement piece and a comfy. So either a bold jogger with a sweatshirt or hoodie, or a bold fleece/jumper with a casual trouser/jean. I also love matching items wether it be a full tracksuit or just colour co-ordination. 

How do you think music and fashion link? 

I don’t think two industries could be more alike or influence each other as heavily as music and fashion do. A lot of my style growing up was influenced by the musicians and what they wore or created. Kanye West being the main example here (yeezy). These two industries are what create the ‘culture’ we all grew/grow up with. 

For me my style and my fashion has helped create my brand. My appearance and the way the I am perceived artistically too. It is a way of accompanying my music and my unique sound + style go hand in hand. 

What does Portsmouth mean to you and how does where you’re from affect your music? 

It’s home to me and a lot of what I’ve written about has been from experiences and memories I’ve had in and arounds this city. You’re shaped by your environment and surroundings and music is no exception. I learnt how to play the piano in this city, I learnt how to read music, how to love and before anything at all I learnt how to learn at school in my hometown. I’ve lived here since the day I was born so I owe a lot to my surroundings for the music I create today. 

What’s next for you? 

Deeps will be a leading songwriter in the music industry. I need to keep scaling up and working hard as I’ve been doing. I’ve always had a plan and that’s to write for the worlds biggest artists and become one myself. I want to connect to as many people as I can and everyday the world provides more opportunities and ways of doing that. More music and another headline show later this year to begin the next level of my artist journey bigger and better. I want to inspire people and fans in the same way that I was inspired growing up. I’m just enjoying the journey and making sure I appreciate life and the opportunities I experience. 

Love to my family at Moscelle and the team.